MEPRO STING Dual Wavelength Laser Pointer


MEPRO STING is a state-of-the-art dual wavelength laser pointer designed to support various tactical scenarios including close quarters battle (CQB) and covert night operations. The pointer emits a visible or IR laser beam, projecting an aiming dod on the target.

The MEPRO STING provides shooting capabilities without the need to look through the rifle’s sight: enabaling rapid and instinct target engagement. Switching between visible and IR modes is easily controlled by the shooter. the two beams is fully controlled by the shooter. The MEPRO STING is uniquely equipped with picatinny adapter which can be easily used on right or left side of the weapon, per user’s need. MEPRO STING is the reliable choice: Designed and fabricated to the highest military standards to assure years of reliable operation under all field conditions.

• Dual wavelength laser pointer
• Single zeroing process for both lasers
• High & Low power options for each of the lasers
• Momentary and constant lasing modes
• Safety catch for visible laser - prevents accidental exposure to hostile forces
• LED indicator with individual color coding for visible & IR laser types
• Can be operated with or without remote control cable